Mission, Vision and Values


To promote and support mental health recovery and wellness by working with individuals, families and community partners.


Mentally healthy people living in an inclusive society free from stigma.


CMHA HKPR adheres to the following client-centred values adopted by CMHA Ontario:

  • Self-Determination – We support an individual’s involvement in decisions that affect their life.

  • Diversity – We value diverse perspectives and the lived experience that all people bring.

  • Social Justice – We are committed to removing barriers and discrimination that impact quality of life, and supporting equitable access to resources, so that people can fully participate in society.

  • Creativity – We encourage innovative ideas and new ways of working that are responsive to the changing needs of our community.

  • Social Responsibility – We are environmentally responsible and committed to working in the public interest and for social good.

  • Integrity – We value honesty and ethical behaviour.

  • Respect – We honour and support the dignity of each individual.

  • Accountability – As a publicly funded charitable organization we are committed to using our funds as efficiently and effectively as possible and to being open to the highest standards of public scrutiny.


    Foundation is the basis upon which something is supported or stands. Our Mission, Vision and Values stand on a foundation of 3 pillars – Knowledge, Hope and Belonging. This foundation supports our belief that Mental Health for All is possible and echoes the motto of CMHA National.

    Diversity Statement

    CMHA values diversity and inclusion. As a service provider, an employer and a community partner, we strive to always be respectful and sensitive to race, culture, ethnicity, gender, age, abilities, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation.